Our current collection may be small, but each of our handcrafted wines is made with a lot of local love and packs a whole load of English grape flavour

Mix and match single bottles of our still and semi-sparkling white wines or our very first red wine... 

It's time to discover your new favourite wine!

Want to learn more about our wines?


Maximilian 2019 is our first ever red wine, named after Elise's eldest son, Max. The wine is made with 100% Regent grapes from Furnace Yark’s Hill Vineyard, Herefordshire, a Germanic grape that grows really well in the English climate.

Maximilian was oak-aged in French Oak barrels, which gives a lovely smokiness to the stand-out flavours of sour cherries, raspberries and blackberries.

As the wine has aged in the bottle, it has taken on more depth and flavour, and is delicious served with steak, or simply on its own by a cosy fire with a good book.

Maximilian, like all our wines, has not been fined or filtered (aka no additives to alter the product) which means there may be some sediment at the bottom of your bottle or glass.

This Mortal Angel

This Mortal Angel is our very first semi-sparkling! Currently in the bottle is our new vintage, made with 50% Reichensteiner grown in Essex and 50% Phoenix grapes grown Herefordshire.

Paying homage to our local roots, TMA's name is a nod to the Geordie saying for getting drunk {mortal} and the winery's 5 minute proximity to our famous local landmark, The Angel of the North. (No offense to any Mackems!)


This wine is dry with citrus and apple flavours, it is perfect for parties and celebrations and is a bit of affordable luxury!


At only 9% vol alcohol and very little residual sugar it is a lower alcohol alternative to other fizzes - it's not going to get you mortal!