The Winery

The Winery by Laneberg Wine is the first on Tyneside and the furthest north in England, we're based in the Team Valley, Gateshead.


The company was set up by and is run by Elise Lane, with help from husband Nick, Dad (Ray), Mam (Ruth), sister Laura, brother-in-law Ash, cousin Liam (our first employee) and the rest of the family and friends we roped in.


Elise grew up in Newcastle and moved away in 1999 to study Chemistry at Oxford. She then moved to London and worked for a big four accountancy firm in corporate finance (where she met Nick, who is from Gosport in Hampshire) whilst there she did a couple of wine related qualifications at the WSET, but was always drawn to winemaking (and its chemistry!). After their first son Max was born she quit her job and studied a PGDip at Plumpton College, afterwards she worked as the assistant winemaker in their commercial winery.


They moved the family back up here in 2017 (to be near family) and set up the business whilst pregnant with their second son Reuben. 

2018 was our first vintage and we bought our grapes from a vineyard in Leicestershire. It was a fabulous year for English grapes and they were beautifully ripe!


Our Approach

When it comes to making wine, two things matter: the grapes and what we do with them.

When we set up the Winery, our first vintage was 2018 which was by far one of the best years England has seen for the quality of the grapes. This is what led us to choose English grapes instead of French, Italian or grapes from even further afield. We really value the quality of our grapes, because ultimately great grapes lead to great wine..

So we choose the highest quality grapes we can find from vineyards across the country, but what do we do once we have them?

Our winemaking methods follow a non-interventionist approach, meaning after we de-stem, crush and press the grapes, we intervene as little as we possibly can in order to let the grapes express themselves.

Instead of piling in sugar, additives and preservatives, we keep our wines as natural as possible - leaving us with the end result of high quality and uniquely tasting wines that we're extremely proud of.