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English Wine made in Gateshead

Our range, though small, has something for everyone.

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"We're Tyneside's first Urban Winery, producing high quality, handcrafted English wines at our winery based on the Team Valley in Gateshead.

We're a family run, independent business, passionate about sourcing the highest quality grapes we can get our hands on and letting them express themselves without our intervention.

The result?

English wine bursting with flavour."

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Elise Lane, Founder, CEO & Headwinemaker

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Our Wines

We've been producing our range of award-winning English wines right here in the North East since 2018, and we're now onto the release of our third vintage, the 2020 vintage.

We're passionate about bringing you high quality wine made sustainably, encouraging you to drink less but drink better. 

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Maximilian 2019

Our winery's first ever red wine produced in 2019, just keeps getting better with age.

It's a light and fruity red wine with a deep colour and sour cherry flavours - perfect for an evening in the garden!

Bacchus 2020

We're thrilled to finally bring you our 2020 Bacchus, after many emails asking!


It's a fresh, herbaceous and zingy still white wine produced with 100% Hampshire grown grapes.

This Mortal Angel

Our semi-sparkling white wine was inspired by our geography, where getting 'mortal' means a bit too drunk, but at just 9%vol it's a lower alcohol alternative to most fizzes.

It's dry with citrus and apple flavours.


The Winery

We're Tyneside's first Urban Winery and the furthest North in England, based in Gateshead, near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the North East of England.

The beauty of being an Urban Winery is that we aren't attached to a vineyard, meaning we're free to buy in the highest quality grapes we can find from a variety of English Vineyards and we can choose the grapes to suit trends in wine drinking at any given time. 

We hope to welcome you for tours, tastings and events at the winery in the very near future! 

Until then, learn more about our grapes, winemaking methods and the team behind it below.

Elise's Journal